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Fire Alarm Installation & Servicing

We offer a comprehensive design, installation and maintenance service of fire alarm systems.

Fire alarm systems are required to be installed based on risk assessment and when installed to be compliant with the requirements of BS5839.  Part 1 of the British Standard details requirements of Fire Alarm Systems generally in Commercial & Industrial environments, whereas Part 6 details the requirements for domestic installations.


The design of fire alarm systems requires in-depth knowledge of systems and system types to ensure that the correct type of fire alarm is installed.  Design includes the identification of different system types and locations of sensors, detectors and other accessories.  From existing plans or those created by us, we can plan a system that meets what is required.


From conventional to addressable systems, Guardian can install all types of fire alarm systems to all types of properties.  Working with some of the leading providers of fire alarm equipment we can install to your exact requirements.


All fire alarm systems require regular maintenance to ensure that they will operate correctly when needed.  Guardian can provide routine maintenance of fire alarm systems ensuring correct operation and compliance.  All our maintained systems are certified as required by guidance.

Please contact us to discuss our emergency lighting services and find out where we can assist you with your requirements.