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Lighting Design & Installation

Guardian can provide several services surrounding lighting solutions.  Lighting is a vast area to be covered and we have broken the main ones into sections to make it easier to understand.

Lighting Design

We can carry out comprehensive design services to your premises ensuring that the most cost-effective solution is installed including emergency lighting.

Energy Efficiency Lighting Solutions

Reducing energy consumption by the installation of low energy luminaires such as LED technology is seen as one of the quickest routes to reduce energy consumption in building as lighting uses more electricity generally than any other equipment which is connected to the installation.

Working with the most reputable of manufacturers we can provide design and installation solutions to meet your requirements and to assist with the reduction in the use of energy and subsequently reducing energy cost throughout.  Huge savings can be made when compared to older halogen and fluorescent units which may be installed, and we can provide figures to support our findings.

We can design and install energy efficient lighting to all or individual location within a property to suit your needs or budget.

Amenity Lighting

We can design and install lighting to many amenity areas such as carparks, sports areas and roadways.  All our installations are designed with both energy usage and required light levels in mind and with the current LED solutions available it is easy to achieve both requirements.

Emergency Lighting

We can provide a comprehensive emergency lighting design, installation and maintenance offering to supplement our main lighting services or equally work independently.  Please follow this link to find more details of emergency lighting