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Fire Stopping & Compartmentation

Fire doors are installed to prevent the spread of smoke and flames in the event of a fire situation for this to be an effective solution all other fire compartmentation needs to be correctly installed.  It is often identified that installed solutions are non-compliant and will not effectively resist the spread of fire.

Often overlooked, gaps in ceiling voids, behind architraves, previous service installations, loft areas and other locations provide a route for smoke and heat to pass through a building, often un-noticed until too late.

Guardian can provide a service to inspect your premises to assess the effectiveness of any existing for compartmentation and make recommendations to return the fire line to its intended fire rating.

Guardian are 3rd Party Accredited with BM Trada who are one of the UK’s most experienced fire accreditation companies we can offer the most comprehensive service for the inspection, installation & maintenance of fire stopping solutions.

Working with some of the UK leading manufacturers of fire stopping products we can design and install tested & certified solutions to compartmentation. Completing this will ensure that the building offers the best defence to fire to enable occupants to evacuate and to protect the remainder of a building.

All our fire stopping solutions are identified and documented ensuring that future inspections can be carried out correctly and providing evidence that installed solutions are compliant with legislative requirements and that compartmentation meets its intended resistance to fire.

Please give us a call to discuss your needs so we can advise you of the options available to you to assist with your Fire Safety Management.