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Electrical Design & Consultancy

From straight forward, to more complex electrical installations Guardian works with our clients to understand their requirements and work with them to provide a design brief or tender specification to enable contractors to tender a project.

We can design electrical installations from newly constructed properties to existing properties requiring a complete refurbishment and all requirements in between.

Design can include floor plans, electrical drawings, schematic drawings and we work with our clients to ensure that we design what is needed rather than what is assumed.

We can complement our design services by offering to install data logging equipment prior to finalising design so that we can understand what demands are currently being made on the installation and where we may be able to install additional loads.

If design works has been completed prior to engaging with us or if you have had a periodic inspection completed which is difficult to interpret we can offer consultancy services to understand what has been presented and to detail it in method that can be understood by all.  We can also provide solutions to recommendations made.

Please contact us to discuss any design and consultancy requirements that you may have.